1928, $500 Fr 2200-h- Frn-st. Luise-missouri-rare In This Grade- Pcgs 62-low Ser

1928, $500 Fr 2200-h- Frn-st. Luise-missouri-rare In This Grade- Pcgs 62-low Ser
1928, $500 Fr 2200-h- Frn-st. Luise-missouri-rare In This Grade- Pcgs 62-low Ser

1928, $500 Fr 2200-h- Frn-st. Luise-missouri-rare In This Grade- Pcgs 62-low Ser

D R E A M T R O P H Y. LUISE-MISSOURI-RARE IN THIS GRADE- PCGS 62-LOW SERIAL #. We have seen notes one point higher that lack the eye appeal and visual impact of this great piece. We recently owned such a piece, a 66PPQ that couldn't hold a candle to this. A spectacular undergraded underappriciated rarity.

The very few only known IN THIS GRADE specimen of this friedberg number. Fully original with flashy ink color and deep embossing. Dripping beautiful, an opportunity to acquire a note for a fraction of her true worth. When the economy gets going and inflation kicks in, unique rarities may fetch six figures! A very strong candidate for a possible re-grade. I feel this is one of the most underrated type notes in uncirculated condition. One can look up and down the census and if there are more than a several of all the signature combinations they are likely institutionalized, because they are just not out there.

It's an absolutely perfect, glowing, well margined headlight beauty. Not only is this perfectly preserved, it was perfectly manufactured over 100 years ago. This is the absolute most beautiful Gem Uncirculated example of one of the scarcest nineteenth-century Large Size Type Notes.

An epic item of prestige, pizzazz, power, and eye popping sex appeal. Possibly opportunity of a lifetime to secure an immensely desirable note at a fraction of true museum value. A screaming epic dream wonder note that might just be the very best investment you will ever make. An opportunity to acquire a great note with a trajectory of huge investment upside.

This is a note that could make the most cynical jaded currency collector cry like a baby. The mere thought of getting to own this supreme dream wonder note someday, should equal the thrill of being able to experience all of ones childhood Christmas mornings or Chanukah nights at once.

A museum item, if indeed acquired by a museum, will forever be out of private hands. We are blown away and humbled by the honor bestowed upon us when we acquired this treasure. 1-The grading of PCGS, NGC, ANACS, ICG price guide is subjective and should be used as a reference so that you have a refer only! Hese grading sources are subjective and grades vary, depends to.

CAC, PQ, Sharpness and entire of coin's structure even for two identical coins with different colors and toning! The price guide offered by them, should be used to gauge the approximate (near or over) value of the coin, NOT THE MARKET VALUE. Which is the first priority and most important factor/specification. The preserved condition of the coin is the main factor to evaluate the market value which is beyond the PCGS, NGC, ANACS and ICG guidelines.

Please be aware, the book value is not the same as the market value. As a professional dealer and collector, have done extensive research and as a novice collector, I encourage you to follow the same guidelines stated above! 2- If we have stated in the title's listing the name and grade number of the coin, that means the coin is graded for sure with the certificate and serial number inside the grading company's holder.

If we have not posted and included, the coin inside the holder's image, is because of the size of images only since many collectors prefer to see the details of the coin rather than just the certificate and serial number. If you are an astute collector, as soon as you see the coin's image, you would immediately and definitely realize, that coin is already graded with the certificate and serial number and is already inside the holder/slab with the case, based on the color and shape of the holder especially PCGS, NGC and ANACS! 3- We have provided an extensive variety of rare coins and currency for your references. We assure that you will not receive. Fake, phony or copied item. We never ever cheat by tampering with the image. We assure you that you will be.

Will want to come back gain. Pictures do not reveal the radiant beauty of our items. In some cases, the pictures are even a lot lower quality than our actual items, UNLIKE many of the other stores. 100% satisfaction is our goal!

We want to develop a relationship with you. As our valued customer for many years to come.

We provide customers with quality coins and currencies, fair pricing and superior service. Sells conservatively graded/none graded coins that are reasonably priced and selected for specific collecting and investment. We believe that the cornerstone to this endeavor.

Is building trust and confidence. Your 100% satisfaction is our goal. We will always put ourselves in you shoes. We want you to have best service.

We will treat you like our own families and exactly like the way we would like to. We really like to establish a long term relationship with you and exceptional experience with our company. We are here to help you with your questions and order status. Ur commitment to you is to answer your.

We are fulfilling international orders to worldwide. Address change approval will be sent to you, otherwise this item will be sent to your. We'll contact you within 24 hours. IF YOU PAY BY PAY PAL YOU NEED TO BE. You are not satisfied with the items.

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1928, $500 Fr 2200-h- Frn-st. Luise-missouri-rare In This Grade- Pcgs 62-low Ser

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